Donna Pickthall-

Donna Is Earth Mother, Business Maven and Fairy Godmother all in one.  If Orinda were to suddenly be caste to sea as an Island, you would want to know where Donna is at all times.  She is your source of food and comfort, smarts and practicality.  

A Veteran of the food industry in her native England and LaMorinda (, Donna has been feeding families homemade and hand-delivered soups and treats for years.  She is all about All-Natural, fresh ingredients and cooking with Heart. 

We are Moms Who Passionately Share The common goal of providing all-Natural, Handcrafted and Delicious Foods to our Fellow Families.   


Diane Eames - 

Obsessive brander meets obsessive slicer and dicer.  

It was love at first site when Diane saw the commercial kitchen, quickly making herself cozy alongside the prep table. Her focus and determination to make everything she touches have a hefty dose of visual appeal, she heeds the branding call.  

Quick to laugh and happily at home in the world of all things food, she manages to dissect creative conversations into executional details, all the while learning the best in British slang.